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Hall Now in the Mac App Store

We’re thrilled to announce that Hall is now in the Mac App Store! This is an exciting time here at Hall as we’re rolling out all the goodies, from our iOS redesign to new integrations to now becoming part of the Mac App Store lineup. Hall has helped over 20 thousand companies and teams work better by… Read more »

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Are You the Next Haller?

At Hall, our focus is and always will be on creating awesome teams. And that means your team, and ours. To have the best team, we are constantly networking and recruiting for all-star players to add to the lineup. To reiterate just how serious we are about making a stellar team, we have revamped our… Read more »

Company News, Product Updates

Introducing Crashlytics Integration

For all those who love to hate crashes as much as we do, get ready for some great news: Hall is now integrated with Crashlytics! (We can hear you engineers rejoicing from here). Crashlytics is a cross-platform app, monitoring and reporting crashes from both iOS and Android devices. Engineers here at Hall rely on Crashlytics… Read more »

Company News, Product Updates

Introducing Him by Hall

** Yes, this was an April Fool’s joke. Thanks for playing along – hope you enjoyed Him! ** Introducing Him, Hall’s groundbreaking new app integration helping distributed teams feel less lonely. We talk a lot here about remote work and how to make it something not only feasible, but awesome. We know the future of… Read more »

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Praised But Confused: Business Leaders Praise Collaboration But Still Confused by Tool Convergence

New research by AIIM has revealed the importance of collaboration in business, with 93% of business leaders believing internal collaboration is either crucial or very important to what they do, and 59% holding the same to be true of external collaboration. While they see the importance, implementation is slow moving as many are still confused… Read more »


3 Theories Why Google Went Down

This morning Google experienced serious issues with Google Talk, Google Sheets, and Google+ Hangouts, causing panic to many who use their chat functions to communicate with coworkers. But why did these functions go down? We’re not really conspiracy theorists here at Hall, but given the odd nature of this past week, and the fact that… Read more »