Are You the Next Haller?

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At Hall, our focus is and always will be on creating awesome teams. And that means your team, and ours. To have the best team, we are constantly networking and recruiting for all-star players to add to the lineup. To reiterate just how serious we are about making a stellar team, we have revamped our… Read more »

What the WhatsApp Acquisition Means for Business Messaging (and Hall)

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by Brett Hellman, Hall Founder and CEO, follow @BrettHellman Most people were shocked when they heard Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. I was not. As the Founder and CEO of a rapidly growing business communication tool, I understand firsthand the power of mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp and why they are not only… Read more »

Hall Is Moving to San Francisco!

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It all started with an idea and a computer. An idea that communicating with teams should be simple and efficient. Only two years later, Hall has blossomed into one of the most prominent enterprise communication tools on the market. With the collaboration of great minds, unrelenting perseverance, and many, many late nights, we have now reached… Read more »

Haller at Us!

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By Jessica Abelson, Hall Content Writer As the newest member of the Hall team, and the only non-engineer/designer (yes, I’m a writer in the tech world), I have a mission: to connect. Just as Hall is a way for you to connect with your teams, I am here to connect with you. As the makers… Read more »

Hall Design Tour – From 0% to 30% Weekly Retention

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The Pain Frustrated by big company life where communicating with colleagues was painful because of tools like MSN Messenger, Hall’s founders left to reinvent Instant Messaging for business. After all, MSN Messenger, Skype, are messaging application designed for consumers not businesses. We’ve finally reached double-digit customer retention – and learned a lot along the way…. Read more »

How we got the domain

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Our last blog posting, Why I Quit Intuit and Started, left a few people wanting more. One of the stories requested was how we obtained the domain. Marissa Mayer often says: “Creativity Loves Constraints.” In other words, challenge encourages “outside the box” thinking. The road to is a real-world example of this…. Read more »

Why I Quit Intuit and Started

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  A year ago, I was working for Intuit. I won a fancy award, got recognized by Intuit’s CEO, yet I still wasn’t feeling challenged. So, I quit to build a startup. 11 months since quitting Intuit, here is what went down… I spent the first month networking (no vacations, no breaks). I ended up… Read more »