Today we’re announcing the Hall Desktop Application for Mac, Windows and Linux! You will love the desktop notifications!

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Experience the Hall desktop app with your company and team: Get the Hall Desktop App

Desktop before mobile? Really?
Ever since we announced the War Room at the last Node Summit, people demanded a desktop app for better notifications. Over and over, “Where’s the desktop app?” is all we heard.

So we stopped everything we were doing and built a desktop app, right? Not quite. We ignored what we were hearing. After all, we read the tech and VC blogs – we know it’s all about mobile. So we added Chrome notifications as a compromise. WIN?!? Nope, not even close.

Our users continued to demand a desktop app and our early users were getting angry. REALLY ANGRY. Finally we took the time to understand why users wanted a desktop app:

“I worry if Hall is in a browser tab, I will mistakenly close the tab and not know for hours.”
“I want it in my dock. I just do.”
“If someone says something to me, Hall needs to get my attention. Flash, beep, bounce do whatever it takes to get my attention.”
Our research made it clear that a desktop solution was necessary. We built a prototype in a few days and shipped it off to 100 users. Over the next 3 weeks, we iterated and continued to roll out the Hall desktop app to more users. Then we quietly added a step to our getting started flow that allowed users to download the Hall desktop app. Thanks to cohort analysis in KISSmetrics, we saw a huge jump in retention for these new users and learned shipping the desktop app would be a win (Thanks KM!).

Tell us what you think, we’re listening!

Experience the Hall desktop app with your company and team: Get the Hall Desktop App